Every space requires a sense of poetry.. because we believe that the spirit of a place is created not merely in the lines on the blueprints, but between them..

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About Us

MJLM DESIGNS AND CONSTRUCTION is a firm offering professional services in the fields of Architecture, Interior Design, Engineering, Project Management, and Building Construction.

Complemented by a solid group of Associates, all of which contributing unique expertise to the architectural and engineering practice, the firm continually seek a track record of leadership and client satisfaction. It also strives to develop a unique rapport with each client based on open communication and personal commitment to their projects. Our professional practice centers on the exploration of innovative solutions and excellent service in response to function, program, and site opportunities emphasizing high design quality that is mindful of time and budget requirements.

As a principal-intensive firm utilizing the system of project team organization, we provide personalized attention throughout all phases of design and construction collaborating with highly qualified consultants to achieve architecture and engineering that is extraordinary and reflective of its time. We are dedicated to the exploration of architectural solutions that accommodate complex aesthetic, economic, and performance criteria into designs that embody an intimate relationship with their physical context.


We offer an extensive methodology to architectural styling in our projects, working with client's desires and aspirations, the site, and the conceptual program. We then set out to provide fresh creative designs that are unique, imaginative, and timeless.

Our stimulations are found in both the natural landscape and in quality built environments, taking the best of both realms to establish buildings sensitive to material, color, texture, and natural elements along with creating a sense of place.


Every space requires a sense of poetry - because we believe that the spirit of a place is created not merely in the lines on the blueprints, but between them.


The design process always begins with an understanding of the functional, budgetary, and scheduling requirements of a project. The needs and aspirations of the client are paramount and their involvement in the project enriches the process, leading to successful results.

Our proposals seek to unify the challenges of architecture, engineering, and building construction. Our design viewpoint is based on close and early collaboration between the participants in building projects, i.e. owners, architects, engineers, and contractors. Thus, creativity in construction projects is advanced and, in addition, the total duration time of construction projects is shortened and total construction costs are reduced. Multi-disciplinary teams made up of architects, engineers, and contractors help us put into action inventive concepts developed during the early design phases. Thus, we avoid costly changes during the late design phases.

We put into practice a structured, hierarchical, and evolutionary design approach. This approach is based on overall systems thinking. Thus, we ensure that designs evolve from the whole to the details. Our holistic, systems-oriented design approach promotes the creative collaboration between architects, engineers, and contractors; and benefits from the optimal use of specialized knowledge.

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